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Worldwide Hotels at Low Prices Book Now on AMOMA.com Amoma.com Help & Support Centre. Booking Cancellation Log in to your AMOMA account and select the booking you want to cancel and click on the Cancel my booking button

Although AMOMA.com display this information, the service charge is usually not included in the AMOMA.com total booking price and should be paid directly at the hotel. Does AMOMA.com charge extra for meetings or other events at the hotel? We are committed to providing you with the best rates on the market If AMOMA booked you a no-cancel room, and the hotel's policy is that you forfeit, the hotel will expect AMOMA complete the payment to them as usual, and AMOMA will report that you got what you paid your $60 for, which was relief from additional AMOMA charges for the service of cancelling for you, and they will keep the money for the room.

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  1. Amoma have been highly unreasonable and have threatened to cancel my booking and as the tickets were purchased via a strict 'no refund or modification' booking, ill end up with no hotel and no refund
  2. Choose from over 300,000 hotels and book your hotel room at best price. AMOMA.com - Hotels at best price, book a hotel room with AMOMA English (USD
  3. Last week I made a booking through an online hotel booking site called AMOMA.COM, which i found through trivago. It was for 1 night, 2 rooms in a uk based hotel in june, for me and 5 friends. My booking details and vouchers were sent out immediately and my bank account debited
  4. d more than 24 hours after you've made the reservation
  5. AMOMA.com is your room key to more than 300,000 hotels worldwide. Whether you look for a low-priced hotel or a 5* resort: AMOMA.com offers you a wide range of accommodations at the best price. Book your perfect business hotel or holiday destination online and save up to 80%
  6. Stay away from Amoma.com. About ten seconds after I submitted my hotel booking with Amoma.com I realized it was a scam. The next month proved that my dread was justified. I write this post not out.


  1. Amoma is an online booking website that provides reservation solutions to travelers, completely over the internet. With over 300,000 hotels in 57,000 destinations across the globe, from virtually every category of accommodation, Amoma can provide their customers with a wide selection of choices for their travel needs
  2. We take each customer's opinion seriously and want to thank you for your feedback. Please send us more details at trustpilot@amoma.com. It will help us to offer you and 2.5 million fellow travelers per year the greatest hotel deals and a smooth booking experience on our site. Your Customer Support tea
  3. Amoma imply that the booking is refundable until you go to click payment on the cc screen. Then you see a little box stating non-refundable, yet the hotel has offered these rates as refundable. I don't know what the no-show/cancellation rate is - maybe 10% but I guess that's how they make their mone

Sadly, my plans have changed and last Sunday, 13th May 2018, I had to cancel the booking. I logged into my account at the amoma.com website and cancelled my booking. The very next day, I received an automated email from amoma.com containing a link which I was advised is valid for 72 hours only Make sure you check the cancellation policy on AMOMA.com as well as in the confirmation email and voucher which will be sent to you. I suggest you to check firsthand the type of cancellation policy that applies to the room/hotel you were looking to book and then check with us, if you need so, in case of doubts, before you place your booking to. Answer 1 of 189: Hello- I booked a reservation through AMOMA.COM that I found through Trip Advisor (it was advertised on the TA hotel page). I have received an AMOMA confirmation and was told the hotel would show my reservation within 72 hours The booking cancellation was done at 3:52 Thursday the 15th. When I clicked on cancel I was informed I would lose half the amount of my booking - which I willingly chose to do rather than risk a bad experience at the hotel. My confirmed cancellation, has now SOMEHOW MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED FROM MY ONLINE AMOMA ACCOUNT

Overall. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Everyone in a service position could speak a multitude of languages, the rooms and pools were clean, and the activities for children were plentiful - my daughter had a wonderful time I was looking to book a hotel in may. Tripadvisor website showed AMOMA and price was good, but it stated that Cancellation policy: 60 $ if you cancel or modify your booking between today to one week before checking in or almost full price after two weeks

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AMOMA and every other travel site. Compare them all with Dealbase and save NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER BOOK THROUGH AMOMA. They claim to have booked you a hotel room, send you a 'confirmation' but when you check into the hotel, the hotel will know nothing of the booking. Amoma will claim that they booked your room and paid the hotel, but then you yourself cancelled the booking and that is YOUR OWN fault and not theirs

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  1. Made a booking through a link from kayak,com for Austin hotel and got confirmation number from amoma.com voucher that was not even aligned with any hotel reference number, had my suspicions and called hotel after a couple hours feeling that something was not right - the manager said booking was denied as it came through a bed banks tour operator that was in violation of distribution and.
  2. Here is how to handle them when booking or trying to cancel/modify your booking: Ask who is the provider and confirm you know they can see them, start asking them the providers from the list. Ask them what is the mark up on their end to see how much of a profit amoma is making
  3. I've used them and it was a total disaster. I used Amoma for the first time to book two rooms in San Antonio over Memorial Day weekend. I am very picky about hotels and I booked this particular hotel because it had been recently renovated and it had an on-site cafe and restaurant, as well as an outdoor pool and a beautiful garden

Select the specific booking you want to cancel and click the Cancel button. Before you do so though, make sure to read the Amoma Cancellation Policy first to determine whether the booking is fully refundable, partially refundable, or non refundable The account management portal allows customers to change, cancel or manage their reservations, and there's a customer service team that's available to help. About AMOMA.com Book a hotel at more than 300,000 properties located in over 200 countries using promo codes on AMOMA

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- Booking confirmed. - Free cancellation. Unfortunately, none of that was accurate or true. According to the hotel when I called them, they could not confirm my booking. And when i went to cancel with Amoma, it was not free. Should they have even had a button or link saying restrictions apply, click to review full terms... I would have It s important to understand what Amoma is and how it works. It is not the same as Expedia. When you book a room on Expedia and pay with your credit card you get a genuine confirmation number because Expedia has access to that hotel s booking database. If you call the hotel shortly after you book with Expedia your name is in the hotel s database 1760.24 € if you cancel your booking starting Monday 11 August 2014. Current equivalent in ZAR: 24868. However once the booking was done and the 10% taken from my card the following cancellation policy appeared on the booking confirmation; Cancellation policy. This total booking amount is not refundable in case of cancellation or modification My first experience with booking on Amoma.com. My first experience with booking my hotel stay on Amoma.com was ok. I was able to call the hotel in a couple days after I had booked my stay and they already had my reservation The only thing is that I had to pay room tax when I got there which cost USD 4.00

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I must confess I did not even search online about this company before I used them to book a hotel in Seattle. NEVER AGAIN. Our plane got cancelled so we tried to cancel our reservation through AMOMA. They claim that you can cancel reservations online but I challenge anybody to find how to do it Can I cancel my booking with Amoma? You can cancel your booking with Amoma via your account, but remember refunds take between three and five days. Is breakfast included with my Amoma hotel booking? Many hotels offer this, they will usually make it clear in the room description! Can I book over the phone with Amoma if I prefer Cancellations with AMOMA.com. You can cancel your booking through your AMOMA.com account, be sure to read the cancellation policy for your particular reservation beforehand to ensure that you can be refunded. Refunds will take 3-5 days to process. Get in touch with AMOMA.com. Call: + 44 20 3608 8169 or use the online chat. Getting Social with. Amoma is a comparison website that aims to help users find the best hotel deals available on the internet. It uses a database of over 300,000 hotels located in over 57,000 destinations We take each customer's feedback seriously and we would like to assist you as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are not able to identify your booking with the details you have provided within your review. Please include your booking ID and one of our agents will contact you shortly

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Tell us where you are headed and we'll show you the best hotels. Simple In August 2017 I booked a hotel in Cape Town for November and had to pay it right away. When getting to Cape Town we were told, Amoma had cancelled the booking in October. So we stood there without accomodation. Strange: Amoma sent me a few days before travelling a mail to book a rental car This is my first time booking wiht Amoma.The flow is good and the assist Amoma gave me through email and chat are helpful in very warm way.I will book via Amoma again next time Amoma does not charge a booking fee when you make an online hotel reservation. Will Amoma offer a refund if I cancel my booking? Yes. Amoma will refund you within 24 hours. It will take 3 - 5 days to show on your statement. What payment methods does Amoma accept? Amoma accepts all major credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal and Wire Transfer

Amoma.com's Comment. Written on: 31/08/2018. Hi, You can be sure that all confirmed bookings are guaranteed from the moment you receive your hotel voucher by email. Your smooth booking experience is our number-one priority, so please remember you can always contact our customer support team if you need help with your booking In view of the Amoma reviews above, it looks like the travel organization has a ton of issues to manage, particularly with their supposed flawed services. We can't likewise set aside the staggering negative reviews they earned from their past clients. What would you be able to say in regards to these Amoma reviews I could not have asked for a better stay than Klausturhof. Thanks to Agoda. - Vishwas from India. Hotel Granvia Kyoto. in Japan Our family was traveling via bullet train between cities in Japan with our luggage - the location for this hotel made that so easy. Agoda price was fantastic. - Diane from the United State Normally they are buy the rate from 3rd partner such as Hotelbeds, GTA, Sunhotel etc. It is very hard to control rate and allotment on their website.We also have rate disparity problem with all these agent. The best way is to do test booking and ask that agent to stop send rate to them

The cancellation terms state that a full refund is possible up to 1 week before the booking. Unfortunately we had to cancel so, yesterday, I went into Manage My Booking and did so. I received an email asking me to enter the details of the credit card on which I made the original booking I tried to book accommodation. Your site linked me to AMOMA .com*I booked the Ramada hotel *Marcoola beach Qld**Booking was for * night*** - ** March**Tried to change date few hours later You can cancel yours by logging into your Amoma.com account, selecting the booking you want to cancel and pressing Cancel booking. Be sure to remember that cancellation and refund policies vary from hotel to hotel and booking to booking, so check your hotel's policy on its profile page before you purchase Kayak travel website scam!!! AMOMA About two months ago we decided we would take a trip to Singapore. After doing business in Singapore we planned to go to Cambodia. Usually finding cheap flights. The company has 230,000 hotels in 19,000 destinations in the world. So, whenever you plan a holiday, consider Amoma. At Amoma you can book easily, manage your account in a secured way with complete piece of mind. Top Categories To Watch Out. When you visit the website, the first thing that you will see is the Book Hotel option

Book in 85,000 destinations across the world. Booking.com's official site I did an online booking to stay in Ritz Carlton Tokyo dd 27 May 2017. However, no email confirmation was received so far. And now, I cannot change or cancel the booking When you book at Amomo you pay no booking fee or credit card fees. Payment is 100% secured by Comodo SSL Certificate so don't worry when making a booking on Amoma. At Amoma, the customer really does come first, so the price you see is the price you get — no hidden fees Amoma is here to help you organise your holiday with ease. They have a simple system for connecting you with the best hotel deals. Wherever you want to travel, the world is your oyster when you book with Amoma. Simply enter your destination, travel dates, and wishlist, and Amoma will show you a selection of hotels that match your criteria We are an allround hotel booking platform that works independently from the individual accommodations. Nevertheless we strive to offer you great quality hotels, so feel free to send your feedback to our quality department at trustpilot@amoma.com

Free Cancellation: Terms and conditions process easy so you can enjoy finding your next holiday hotel stress free. 95% of Amoma customers save up to 80% when booking with Amoma and with our. While booking three rooms for a one-night stay in Iceland, I accidentally booked the wrong date. I immediately called Hotels.com to cancel. They told me they would cancel the booking, but I would. Amoma has also removed any references to its website from its booking confirmation letters in an effort to hide the origin of the bookings and ensure that the hotels won't cancel the. AMOMA.COM don't even have rooms at this hotel. They use images of Hotel Alay and your booking is for the substandard Apartment Alay Took no responsibility for missadvertising and blamed the booking partner offering no compensation or ownership for the problems I would avoid AMOMA.COM this has been a very unpleasant experienc Find your booking to see if it's refundable and please check that free cancellation still applies to your booking today. If your booking can be canceled for free, please make a new booking and pay the lower price that you've seen on Hotels.com. Cancel your existing booking and we'll refund you the full amount

KAYAK is a search engine that connects travelers to services offered by travel agencies all over the world. It was founded in 2004 and acquired by the Priceline Group in 2013 AMOMA.com: 822 customer reviews (page 34) on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au. 4.1 out of 5 stars for AMOMA.com in Booking Services

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Hotel cancellation fees make customers think twice before skipping out on a reservation, but travel plans can change quickly. Many hotels allow guests to cancel 24 to 48 hours before the reservation without a penalty but will charge after that After booking, I followed up with the hotel several times over (right after, twenty four hours after and later forty eight hours later) and they never had anything for me. Because of the fact I was already leery, I cancelled and Amoma waived the cancellation fee entirely I doubt that Amoma will be able to tell you anything about the cancellation of your booking, even if it was, in fact cancelled by someone other than the hotel. Read the other posts about Amoma and hopefully you will discover how they operate and the risk that are involved in booking with anyone that has such a business model (Amoma are not alone) Free Cancellation at Amoma.com. Have you booked at Amoma.com but can't attend the booking anymore? No worries at all. Click on this Amoma Discount Code now to avail Free Cancellation at Amoma.co Hi, I've come across this site while looking for cheapest site to book accommodation from. It was via trip advisor that i got to it so hopefully someone has used them & can advise if all reliable

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Amoma.com is an established player in the online hotel booking space. The company has relationships with 230,000 hotels in 47,000 destinations around the world, and their website lies like a benevolent high-tech spider at the heart of this immense virtual web Book now and pay later! Amoma has also a special scheme of Book now and pay later when you can pay only 1 AU$ to secure your booking. Only with flexible cancellation policy. EXTRA Savings. BargainAvenue offers extra savings with the discount codes/offers which you can find on the top section of this page >>>Just out of interest what could be a reason why an agent acting on behalf of AMOMA would cancel a reservation? Providing I've paid AMOMA and AMOMA has paid the agent<<< Your last four words is the key - provided Amoma has paid the agent. There would be no other likely reason for a supplier to cancel a legitimate reservation The hotel manager told me they would cancel (for free) my booking but even this was not sufficient to get back my money. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS UNUSEFUL (THIS IS A GOOD WAY TO DEFINE IT). BETTER NOT TO BUY THERE!!!!!---AMOMA--- 4.46 p.m. 15th Feb 2017 (modified after your feedback) Already contacted you 10 times without results Use this coupon to get 6% off the price of your booking at a participating Price Guarantee hotel when you stay between 1 and 28 nights. You must pay for your stay when you make the booking. The discount only applies to the first room in the booking. You'll need to pay the full price for any other rooms

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As a TopCashback member, you will be able to use our Amoma discount code and cashback deals to save on car rental. There are no credit card or amendment fees, while they also provide 24/7 phone support. You can also manage your car rental booking online, allowing you to cancel or amend your vehicle or hire dates Expedia's cancellation policies are a little bit different for each of the types of vacation services it provides. Generally, though, you will either need to sign in to your account (assuming that you have one) or call their customer service department directly in order to change or cancel a booking The process of booking a car in Amoma is secured and is made as simple as possible. You will be asked to complete information about the driver and your credit card (for the purposes of online booking of car in Amoma, Wenchi, Brong Ahafo, Ghana) Sometimes plans change and you need to make a last-minute cancellation or switch stay dates. We've got you covered with our Free Cancellation rate. Book safe in the knowledge that you can amend or cancel your stay right up until your check-in time

On average, 3-star hotels in Perth cost $71 per night, and 4-star hotels in Perth are $105 per night. If you're looking for something really special, a 5-star hotel in Perth can be found for $201 per night, on average (based on Booking.com prices) When you book lodging and activities directly with Xanterra Parks & Resorts, the largest operator of park-based hotels, restaurants and stores, you avoid paying third-party booking fees. Furthermore, you'll be dealing with company representatives who know the properties, and in some cases, are based there Book Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach, Dubai approximately TripAdvisor. See 1,351 fortune-hunter reviews, 1,559 cfurthermoreid photos, too greby deals mean for Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach, ranked #203 of 585 hotels in the region of Dubai and rated 4 of 5 at TripAdvisor. Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai - TripAdviso Discount hotels at GalaHotels.com. We offer you over 100.000 hotels and more than 2.000.000 hotel reviews Uncover a world of vacations with Expedia's packages and trip ideas. From secluded getaways to all inclusive vacations, we offer up-to-date deals on the most popular trips. No matter if you prefer to vacation in the latest hot spot or wish to hide in deep wilderness, Expedia offers the perfect fit for your vacation style. Cuba Vacation

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Motel One Paris-Porte Dorée Opens in new window This is a Preferred Partner property. It's committed to giving guests a positive experience with its excellent service and great value. This property might pay Booking.com a little more to be in this Program Amoma.com is an online travel site based in Geneva, Switzerland. The site is available in 19 languages, and offers over 230.000 properties in 170 countries. Amoma wishes to make it clear that customers should contact them through methods such as LiveChat (which can be found on the contact page), rather than emailing executives. Quai Wilson 4 ZenHotels.com — book a hotel Book now and get the best prices! Oslo. Fans of Oslo Fjord's views are gathering on the roof of the Opera House.. Cheap hotel bookings with low rate guarantee at Otel.com. Make discount hotel reservations here! Get cheap hotel deals, special offers and hotel promotions

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Looking for your pot of gold this St. Patrick's Day? Book your hotel stay today and receive 10% off your booking! Just reply to us from your email voucher stating the discount code Patrick2019. Check out all our best deals here https://bit.ly/2FiiYO5 # stpatricksday # paddysday # leprechaun # potofgold # luckoftheirish # cancelondeal Have booked a hotel in London via Trivago and they directed me to a company called amoma.com to complete the booking. I was a bit stupid and assumed as they are a big company, Trivago would only direct you to reputable sites Vacation packages, cruise deals, hotel bookings, travel medical insurance, flights, tours & more. Book online, by phone, or at one of our 17 locations in Alberta

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Amoma.com is an online hotel-booking service that allows users to find, research, and contact over 230,000 hotels in over 170 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. After you enter the city and the amount of time you'll be staying, the site will automatically calculate the best locations at the most affordable price Amoma LLC provides online reservation solutions for travelers. The company offers online booking services for accommodations including hostels and luxury hotels. Amoma LLC is headquartered in.

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Regardless if you're using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser, your URL should always read https://admin.booking.com. Take extra security precautions. Depending on your browser, there are extra security notifications you might notice - your address bar will display in green or a lock will appear 301 Moved Permanently. nginx/1.14.